Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bronch Photos

Attached is the printout of images that I was given yesterday after my bronchoscopy. If you get grossed out with seeing graphic photos of someone's lungs then do Not scroll down.
I thought it might help to send this so everyone gets an idea just how bad I am when I say that my breathing is tight. 

My right lung was completely closed off so I wasn't getting Any air to it for about a week. When it's closed off like this I'm literally only breathing with approx 12% lung function and with no supplemental oxygen, which I really need (the test to determine whether I need oxygen was done 3 days post bronch, when my airways were open, so they won't order oxygen for home). The scary part is that this complete closure is happening much more frequent and is becoming much harder to open back up. I still do not have an answer from UCSF whether or not they'll be willing to retransplant me.
I'm spending the day in bed sleeping or watching Netflix because my lungs hurt too much for me to move around. 

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Michael Adams said...

Can they use a Lazer on the scar tissue?

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