Thursday, March 6, 2014

A very long day, but my fight is still Stronger than this disease.

I started this as being just a Facebook post, but once I figured how long it was getting I figured I'd just include everything and post the same update on FB and my blog. I'm sorry for the multiple posts to those of you who follow me on here and Facebook.

As promised, here is a brief update on today's adventures at UCSF.

As we were told I had an appointment with one of the pulmonary tx doctors, I was also told that if time permits I may be able to see a few others from the lung transplant team. Admittedly, I know about 80% of the staff already from my past visits with my first transplant, but there are a few unfamiliar faces that I was hopeful to meet and put a name to. 

The single new face I got to meet today was one of their new social workers. She, Benito, and I had a nice long visit and got a lot of worries and questions out of the way. Yay! I am so extremely happy with this social worker... Unlike the previous ones I'd had, she really wants to be available and help however she possibly can. She may even be able to figure out how Benito and I can finally get married without me losing my insurance! SCORE!!! More on that at another time... The real reason for this update was to tell you about the retransplant option, not talk weddings (but still... YAY!!!). 

So the transplant pulmonologist sat with us for quite a while going over every possible health concern she or we had. Our biggest concern is whether or not I have enough room on my native airway to attach a new lung because my stenosis issue has made its way that high up my airway. So I go back in 2 weeks for a bronch and they'll take a look at that airway and see if there is enough space. If there is then we can move forward with the prep and testing to see if I'm eligible for retransplant. If there's not enough room, well, I don't know yet. I'm just hoping and praying that my stenosis hasn't left me with nothing to work with.
If all goes well after that, then our next step is to figure out what's going on with my liver. My dr wanting to ignore the problem is going to have to go ahead and order diagnostic testing, whether he thinks it's necessary or not. I Have to have a diagnosis before they'll consider me for retransplant.
Lastly, we need to figure out a better way of treating my acid reflux. For those that don't already know, acid reflux can lead to chronic rejection. It can be aspirated without even knowing it's happening and burn/damage lung tissue, causing chronic rejection to flare up. I'm almost convinced that this is the reason why I'm rejecting right now. While in the hospital they don't carry my usual acid blockers and I had some of the worst heartburn of my life during the past two hospital stays. It got to the point where I was having Benito sneak in my two acid blockers from home because they wouldn't let me give them my own bottles to dose me with and I was miserable.
So once these three obstacles are behind me I can begin the testing for the retransplant evaluation. Like I said, I have a Lot of stuff that needs to be done and out of the way before I'll know whether or not UCSF thinks I'm a good candidate for retransplant and will list me.
I'll try to keep you all up to date on any new developments, but until you see me post in all caps that I'm on the list, know I'm still working Hard to get to that point.

I appreciate the outpouring love and prayers I've been getting the past few weeks, especially today! Please keep it coming. Like I always say- You give me strength through the love you share with me. I may be on the verge of fighting for my life again, but I don't doubt for an instant that I am Blessed to still be here to share this incredible, crazy, Amazing journey of my life with all of you. I am So grateful for every single one of you. Love and Hugs!!

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