Friday, August 21, 2015

We're getting close!

Hey peeps,
I have the beginning of a migraine coming on, but I just woke up after getting home from LA after 1:30am and wanted to give you all at least some kind of update before this migraine surely takes over the entire rest of my day.
Basically the docs and team have been discussing my case a lot ever since seeing them back in March. Because this is more than just a double lung transplant, which in their words is "easier", and I'm looking at getting a double lung and heart while donating my own healthy heart, they are all trying to look at Anything that could lead to complications post surgery. They want to be as prepared as they possibly can and let's face it, I have a pretty complicated health history. They want me to come back possibly next week sometime and see their liver specialist because they are concerned about my liver fibrosis (stage 3) being an issue later and they really don't think I could pull off a double lung, heart, AND liver transplant. It would just be too hard to recover from all at once. 
So given their liver specialists okay, and getting a couple more records sent over that we somehow overlooked until yesterday, they are "mostly" sure they will be able to list me. They will discuss my case on Tuesday of next week at their weekly meeting, then will have to bring my case up again at their heart transplant team's weekly meeting. They also mentioned possibly doing a Bronch of their own just because my anatomy has changed since the Bronch video they have was made... That being my completely closed off airway and collapsed lung, all on the right side. 
While there yesterday I got to meet with the nutritionist, pharmacist, social worker, coordinators, and a couple different doctors. They'll want me to meet with the surgeon still and hopefully that can be done next week while I'm there for the liver specialist. They also had me do a chest X-ray of their own so they can get an idea of my chest cavity size (needed so they know how large the donor lungs can be) and they drew a Ton of blood (I lost count after 12 vials) that will mostly help them check my antibodies against the donor's, but there are some vials they took to check on the health of my kidneys, liver, etc.
That's all I can remember for right now. I'll be trying to sleep and rest the rest of the day today while Benito is at work trying to get caught up after being gone for two days. He's amazing and never once puts himself (and his need for rest) before others.
So I'll let you all know when I have more news. Thank you all So much for Everything!! I can feel all those prayers and love helping. XoXo

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