Thursday, December 23, 2010

This and That

First of all, I want to apologize to my readers for not posting an update in so long. I know a few of you have been worried about me since it seemed I'd gone MIA for such a long time.

I'm doing okay. I could feel a lot better, but then again I could definitely feel a lot worse, so I'm grateful for that.

Not a lot has changed since I've last updated. I'm still not sure I even have a transplant doctor since my CF docs have had no luck getting in touch with my original transplant doctor regarding my care. How does this make me feel you ask? Nervous, disappointed, scared, uncertain, extra cautious and most of all I feel like I'm in limbo. I don't know what my future holds in terms of my transplant care. I am being more cautious than I normally would to avoiding getting sick because I don't want getting sick with a cold or flu to speed up my rejection (an increase of white blood cells in my body from being sick will work against me, making it easier for my body to reject my donor lungs). I've been staying home as much as possible and avoiding crowded stores at all costs. Thank goodness for or I wouldn't have been able to get any Christmas shopping done! My personal plan is to really make myself irritating and loud toward my doctors. The squeakie wheel gets the attention, right? I'm going to be a squeakie wheel all right!! I'm SO tired of feeling like this. I can hardly do any kind of physical activity without taking at least a break half way through it. I was putting clean sheets on a blow-up mattress the other day because my father in-law was coming to stay the night and I barely got the fitted sheet on before I couldn't catch my breath. It took me an hour and a half just to put sheets on that bed; that is absolutely Crazy! I feel like I've worked SO hard to feel well and although I've always done Exactly what I've been told to do in terms of my health care, I didn't do enough because here I am sleeping with a lot of pillows again, up half the night feeling short of breath, and planning my days around small windows in which I feel a little closer to normal.

This post is starting to sound like a pity party, but I don't want it to, so I'm going to go onto other news! ;)

Benito and I drove to Santa Rosa on the 11th and picked up my niece and nephew so they can stay with us while my sister and her boyfriend got everything packed up and moved back to Yuba City. We had the kids (8 & 6 years old) for a week and let me tell you, although the kids were good during their stay with uncle Benito and auntie Leah, I was Exhausted after that week was up! It's tough keeping kids that age cooped up in the house during a very rainy week. They watched countless movies (thank goodness for Netflix's "Watch Now" feature!), played Wii, picked out and decorated the Christmas tree, made Christmas ornaments for said tree, and made a trip to the library. We had a great time together. Benito and I had missed them so much while they were living in Santa Rosa for the past 9 months; we're just so happy to have them living across town again!

We'll be spending a white Christmas in Reno with Benito's mom, step-dad, and 5 year old retired greyhound. Roxy will have her "aunt" to play with for a few days while Benito and I will enjoy a nice weekend with family cozied up by the fireplace. We spent Thanksgiving with my family, so Christmas was saved for spending with Benito's. Juggling families is going to be a difficult task to learn, but luckily neither of our families make us feel guilty when we can't spending a specific holiday with them. We're both very fortunate to not only get-along, but to love each other's family, so we're always happy to plan a visit with either one.

No big plans for the wedding yet. My maid of honor and I will be going to our first bridal expo in January, so I'm hoping to get a lot of helpful ideas and freebies or coupons to help with the wedding. Benito and I are hoping to either get married this next October or October of 2012. It's going to all depend on my health insurance and if we've found a way to make sure I'm as covered as I am now as a single woman. I absolutely Hate dealing with health insurance.

So that's about it. I hope everyone is doing well and is enjoying their holidays. Don't forget to glob on the hand sanitizer while out shopping!!

Merry Christmas and have a safe and happy New Year!!

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