Monday, February 9, 2009

Ups and Downs

Today was my last day of my 3rd class with University of Phoenix. It was a communications class (General Ed) that I originally thought was going to be boring and useless to me. I was proven wrong! I took more from that 5 week class than I had expected and saw my written papers quality increase as the course wore on. That was exciting! I'll be taking a week off of school, then will begin my next class on the 17th.
During this week off, I'll be spending a little time in San Francisco. Unfortunatly I won't be doing anything fun while I'm there. In my last bronch (1/30) my doctors saw that the stent that is supposed to be holding my weak airway open, has lodged itself down further/lower into my airway than it should be. So, not only is it not holding the weak bit open, it's also obstucting the area in which it's lodged itself! My doctors were quite surprised that it hasn't caused me a world of trouble, but I really haven't noticed too much of a change from my shortness of breath and pain I was in before. So, I go in on Friday to see if they can either move, or replace the stent that is currently in my lung. I saw my CF doctors, who are in Sacramento today, and they are quite certain that this procedure is going to be more invasive than my transplant team are expecting because of how difficult it would be to move the stent that's there now. They told me to expect to stay a few days in case they might need me to get an O.R. and surgeon to remove the stent. In case I wasn't nervous enough! lol!
I'm so proud to say that Benito heard today that he will be starting a new job on the 23rd of this month! He'll be the "go to" IT guy for a legal document copying company. He's been working so hard on his schooling and it's paying off! I'm So proud of him!!! :D
So that's about it. Benito and my plans for Valentines day looks like a romantic dinner, which will be whatever the cafeteria workers at the hospital choose to throw together and call food. Oh well... There's always next year! :D


Evie's Ark, All Things Animal said...

I can't imagine that the hospital will let you have a romantic candle light dinner. Perhaps by flash light? Make it memorable, sister!

Leah said...

lol Thanks, Evie!
I just hope I'm feeling well enough to be awake through valentines day and not leave Benito to watch tv while I sleep!
Love ya!

Katey said...

I'll be praying everything goes ok with the stent!!

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